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The above video wall was created with the Video Wall Maker plugin in
about 2 minutes.

After Effects native plugins Bulge and Bezier Warp was then applied to give the curve effect. The reflection was created by making a copy of the wall comp and setting the scale to 100, -100 which turned it upside down. Then opacity was set at 27%. The background was created using AE plugins Grid and Flare.

Using other AE native plugins such as rotate, shatter, CC Sphere and dozens of other native and non native effects you can add dazzle to your video wall.

Welcome to the Video Wall Maker User Guide.

The information is organized by subject in the navigation bar on the left. The topics in black text have links to a page with a description of what the function of that control is. Click the topic you need help on and the corresponding instructions will open in this frame.

Plugin Overview

A wall can be created with movies, jpegs and other kinds of graphics. You can animate the elements in dozens of ways and use keyframes to adjust them. View our video presentation on You Tube at which shows you the power of this plugin. You can also add television/flatscreen graphics to frame the elements of your wall or create something custom.